Sunday, 9 January 2011

Women in science article

I've just had an article published by People and Science magazine - "Can women out of science be good for society".

Although the headline has been edited to read:

"Can women out of science be good for society? - Elaine Westwick thinks not".

But Elaine Westwick does think so!

Its supposed to be provocative and feminist - I'm actually saying that scientists taking a few years to bring up kids may not be catastrophic for science. Having a break from the scientific establishment can be good for society because parents bring their scientific mindset to other walks of life.

Read the article and you decide....

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  1. Oh, hullo there!

    A light flickered in this dusty part of the internets. I hate it when editors do that to you. You should check out some of the discussions we've got going on at OT, particularly from Athene and Steffi.